Accessing Your Sub-Mailbox

1. Dial (XXX-XXXX).  Then, either:

Press # if calling from the phone your voice mail is assigned to, or
– Enter your telephone number, if calling from a remote phone, or
– If using Auto Login and accessing from your home phone no entry is required.


1. Dial Your Home or Business Number.

2 If you are the Group Administrator and wish to record a group greeting, 

Press * to access the Group Greeting Menu. A voice prompt will guide you


2 b. Enter your sub-mailbox number, then press * While the message is playing to access your voice mailbox.

3. If requested, enter your password, followed by # 

4. Main menu: Press 1 to retrieve messages, Press 5 to hear which sub-mailboxes have
new messages or Press 9 for mailbox setup.